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Gamma cell Biobeam GM 8000 (GmbH, Germany) suitable for acute radiation on agricultural samples; seeds, cuttings, bulbs, corms, suckers and plant tissue culture samples; callus and somatic embryo to induce mutagenesis. Other applications include biological effects of gamma-radiation on microbes, insects, animal and human cells, calibration of low dose range dosimeter and basic insect disinfestations study.


  • Suitable for research and application that need small doses and relatively small throughputs
  • Provide high dose rate and good uniformity that are essential for radiation research
  • Special mechanism to move sample from loading position to irradiation position safely
  • Self-contained in which it houses the radiation source within a protective shield
  • Placed conveniently in an existing laboratory or room without needing extra shielding


How useful

  • Mutagenesis/mutation breeding via acute irradiation
  • Irradiation of blood for biodosimetry study
  • Composite irradiation for material research used in medical application
  • Radiobiology study - effect of irradiation on cells, insects, small animals etc
  • Reproductive-sterilization of insects for sterile insect technique study
  • Killing live cells to ensure safety infusion into patients for immunotheraphy purposes
  • Study on development of low dosage indicator/dosimeter based on polymer, silica material etc
  • Calibration of low dose range dosimeter especially for phytosanitary purposes
  • Calibration of food samples (re-irradiation) to produce calibrated PSL counts for food irradiation detection analysis using photostimulated luminescence technique

What we want to offer
Malaysian Nuclear Agency offers acute irradiation service and consultation to interested users such as research institutions and also private companies

gamma cell

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gamma cell

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