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ALURTRON is an electron beam irradiation service facility at the Malaysian Nuclear Agency. ALURTRON has two medium energy 3.0 MeV electron beam machines: a high energy 3.0 MeV machine (EPS-3000) and a low energy 200 keV machine (Curetron) . Both machines comes with several two types of product delivery system and supported by QA / QC laboratories for dosimetry and polymer testing.
The EPS-3000 machine is widely used in commercial lighting for the purpose of:

  • Cross link of wire and cable insulation,
  • Cross link of heat-shrink tubes,
  • Cross link of polymer materials,
  • Electron irradiation (EI) process of wafer semiconductor.

ALURTRON also provides product development services for:

  • Cross-linking and sterilizing of pharmaceutical products such as gloves, syringes and non-set dressing,
  • Sterilization of medical products,
  • Flue gas treatment,
  • Waste water and sewage of industrial treatment.

It provides fast irradiation processing with a high efficiency, high uniformity and good control. This is because the EPS3000 machine control system controlled by regulating the irradiation time and achieved evenly over wide areas of materials. This process is carried out at room temperature and afford high throughput.

Curetron is used for surface treatment of various applications in wood, plastic and steel, including particle boards, fiber boards, aluminum foil and ink. The EPS3000 machine control system has the ability to regulate the irradiation time and make the dose distributed evenly over a wide area of the material . This process is performed at room temperature and produces high throughput.

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