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    • Radiation Modification of Polymer

      Modification of synthetic and natural polymer such as polyolefin, natural rubber, palm oil, starch, cellulose, carrageenan, chitosan for hydrogel, micro-nanogel as carrier, tissue scaffold, smart materials, biosensors, etc. in automotive, healthcare, agriculture applications and other industrial sector. Among research activities are:

      • Radiation processing of sago hydrogel
      • Radiation crosslinking of polymer for cable application
      • Radiation processing of sago biofilm and biofoam
      • Radiation processing of chitosan and chitosan derivatives
      • Radiation formation of micro and nanoparticles of natural polymers
      • Development of 3 dimensional tissue scaffolds for tissue engineering application via microstereolithography technique
    • Polymer Blend and Composites

      Development of new materials through blending using synthetic, natural rubber, liquid natural rubber, lignocellulosic materials and synthetic polymers, additives, fillers and compatibilizers at micro/nano sizes for automotive, construction and industrial applications. Radiation treatment of industrial waste polymers (plastic and rubbers) is an immerging trend. The development focus on recycling these waste for industrial application due to environmental and economic importance. Among research activities are:

      • Recycling natural rubber waste and plastic such as PET, PP, PTFE, LDPE and HDPE
      • Radiation crosslinking of nanoclay EVA-NR, PP
      • Polymer compounds that can be cross-linked by ionizing radiation
      • Composites based on natural fibers such as fibers from empty fruit bunch, rubber tree and kenaf
      • Nanocomposite based nano-sized fillers such as clay (MMT), blow carbon (CNT), halloysite tubes (HNT), nano silica and graphene.
    • Radiation Curing and Synthesis

      Research for the development of new resins based on natural polymer such as palm oil for applications in radiation curing for coatings, printing inks and adhesive. The R&D includes the development of coating materials for various industrial applications using micro/nanoparticles for hard coating, high scratch and high abrasion resistant. Among research activities are:

      • Radiation curing of nanosize silica composite coating
      • Radiation curing of coatings of woods, cemboards
      • Synthesis of palm oil acrylate and liquid natural rubber acrylate and their applications
    • Radiation Grafting and Conservation Technology

      Research and development on the applications of radiation technology for treatment of industrial wastewater, volatile organic compounds and solid polymer waste. The aims is to recover, recycle, reuse, reduce and for safe handling of the waste and where possible to add value to the waste. Among research activities are:

      • Radiation treatment of industrial wastewater
      • Radiation grafting of polymer with natural polymer as metal ion adsorbent and recovery for industry
      • Radiation modified polymeric material for active packaging applications
      • Radiation grafting of polymer material for development of catalyst in the production of biodiesel
      • Radiation grafting of polymer material in the development of membrane fuel cell and solar energy

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