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    • Introduction

      Accelerator is a scientific instrument consists of various advanced technologies and science principle that boosts up the kinetic energy of the charged particles (beam) by an electric field and the applications of accelerator are very broad [1] for medical sector (Info graphic of medical) , industrial sector (info graphic of industrial), Agro sciences (info graphic of multipuposecyclotron facility) and etc..

       The principle of the accelerator could be described by a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) as shown in Fig. 1. Whereby the electron beam is produced by a heated filament/cathode, extracted and accelerated through the potential supplied by a high voltage power supply within two electrode plate, deflected and hit the screento generate the image on the television screen.

      The CRT principle is rarely simple as 1: Filament is heating-up and electron is generated, 2: Electron is extracted, 3: Electron is accelerated, 4: Electron is focused, 5: Electron is scanning horizontally and vertically, 6: Electron hitting target to generate image.  But in reality, to develop a large machine such as accelerator , accelerator physicist are works with the engineer to design, build, install, commission and operate the integrated high technology for the specific applciations.



    • Status

      In 2002 year, the Accelerator Development Center (ADC) was established with the aimed for development human capital and accelerator technology and related technologies. Therefore, a local low -energy electron accelerator development project has been initiated. With various challenges and obstacles faced, the ADC has successfully developed an accelerator so-called Low Energy Electron Accelerator (LEEA) with specifications of 200 keVand 10 mA [19-26]. Since 2019, LEEA has started to provide the irradiation to the staff of Malaysian Nuclear Agency and local university students.

    • Product/Services
      1. Irradiation services of LEEA with  200 keV and 10 mA
      2. Consultation services in the accelerator and related field
    • Achievement
      1. Development of localized accelerator
      2. Development of local human capital in the accelerator and related field
    • Contact persons
      1. Leo Kwee Wah
      2. Mukhlis Bin Mokhtar
      3. Mohd Azhar Bin Ahmad
    • Introduction

      POMISPOT (Portable Mini Spot) welder is suitable for welding small devices, electronic components, jewelleries, toys, souvenirs and hobbyist items. This product provides clean, fast, odourless and accurate welding at low cost. This small welding machine is suitable to weld stainless steel plate thickness between 0.3 - 2.0 mm.

      This innovation product came about when the team could not find a suitable welding equipment to fix an accelerator tube. The normal conventional welding machine can easily burn and damage the metal electrodes due to the intense heat produced and will affect large area. Hence this spot welder was built, based on capacitive discharge technique, using car audio capacitor and other components commonly available in any good electronic labs.

    • Novelty

      Car audio capacitor is used because it can provide high volume storage for the charges to produce intense electrical discharge at the welder's tip. The welder's tip can be customized based on specific usage. The spot welder can be operated by non-skilled worker as it easy to use.

    • Awards and Recognitions
      • Islamic Innovation Expo 2012 USIM – GOLD MEDAL
      • Hari Inovasi Nuklear Malaysia 2012 – GOLD MEDAL
      • On 28 August 2013, YBhg. Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin Minister of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation officially introduced POMISPOT at the MOSTI R, D & C Product Launch.

    • Contact persons

For further inquiries, please contact SISPA.