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    The TRIGA PUSPATI Reactor (RTP) is a nuclear research reactor with 1 MW thermal energy in Malaysia. RTP was commissioned after gaining first criticality on June 28, 1982. The word TRIGA stands for T-Training, R-Research, I-Isotope production and GA-General Atomic Inc. (a supplier of TRIGA-type nuclear reactors based in the United States). Meanwhile, PUSPATI is an abbreviation of the Tun Ismail Atomic Research Center (the second name used by Malaysian Nuclear Agency from 8 October 1973 to 17 June 1983).

    RTP is a pool-type research reactor, with the core located at the bottom of a seven-meter deep aluminum tank and surrounded by a biological shield based on high-density concrete. The solid fuel reactors use enriched uranium and zirconium-hydride (U-ZrH1.6). Distillation water serves as a neutron coolant and moderator, while graphite serves as a neutron reflector.

    Interested in visiting RTP, please go to:

    Agensi Nuklear Malaysia Visitor Registration and RTP Service Application System (u-RTP)

    RTP applications are generally divided into three activities, namely research, irradiation and education and training.


    Main research activities currently carried out are divided into three categories:

    1. Safe operation of RTP and enhance its utilization;
    2. Ageing management program on RTP structures, systems and components (SSC); and
    3. Safety, security and safeguard of RTP.


    RTPs are designed to use neutron sources in the field of nuclear, science and engineering (NSE).

    Facilities offered for irradiation are:

    1. Rotary Rack
    2. Pneumatic Transfer System
    3. Central Thimble
    4. Neutron Beams
    5. Thermal Column


    Education and Training

    Table 1 illustrates the number of Education and Training (E&T) activities held at RTP from 2013 to 2019.

    The following is the list of experiments offered:

    1. Reactor Startup and Shutdown Checklist
    2. Core Excess and Shutdown Margin Calculation
    3. Control Rod Reactivity Insertion
    4. Reactor Kinetics and Delayed Neutron
    5. Neutron Activation Analysis
    6. Reactor Power Calibration
    7. Neutron Spectrum Measurement
    8. Power Calibration
    9. Reactivity Feedback and Coefficient
    10. TRIGLAV Calculation & MCNP Simulation
    11. RTP Simulator
    12. NDT Experiment
    13. Radiation Protection & Shielding Experiment
    14. Approach to Criticality


    List of lectures offered:

    • Nuclear Reactor Physics
    • Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
    • Nuclear Instrumentation & Control
    • Nuclear Probabilistic Safety Assessment
    • Reactor Safety
    • Introduction to Reactor Experiment in RTP
    • Radiation Physics
    • Fuel Engineering
    • Material Engineering for Nuclear Reactor


  • Multi-Purpose Reactor

    Under construction.

  • Nuclear Power Plant

    Under construction.

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