MELBOURNE, MARCH 4th, 2024: The Director General of the Malaysia Nuclear Agency and Director General of the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office (ASNO) signed a Practical Arrangement between Malaysia and Australia on Cooperation in the Areas of Science and Technology and Their Applications for The Implementation of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) at the Government House, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. The signing ceremony was held in conjunction with the 2nd Malaysia – Australia Annual Leaders' Meeting which was attended by the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Signing ceremony of Practical Arrangements between Malaysian Nuclear Agency and ASNO

A bilateral meeting between the two Director Generals was also held after the signing ceremony to discuss further potential collaboration to enhance Malaysia's capacity in CTBT-related activities, particularly in areas such as radionuclides, seismic analysis, waveform analysis, and on-site inspection.  The cooperation is not only focused on CTBT implementation but also aims to maximize the benefits of CTBT for national interests, such as tsunami warnings, environmental monitoring, climate change research, and ensuring marine and aviation safety. Additionally, Malaysia looks forward to expanding this cooperation to other ASEAN member states through the Australia-ASEAN forum, highlighting the potential contribution of the CTBT to regional safety, stability, and peace.

Bilateral Meeting between Malaysian Nuclear Agency and Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office (ASNO)

During the bilateral meeting, the Government of Malaysia also stated its appreciation to the Government of Australia for their support and assistance towards developing capacity building in radionuclides and seismic analysis, particularly with expert assistance from Geoscience Australia throughout 2023.

The Ceremonial Welcome hosted by Australian Prime Minister the Honourable Anthony Albanese to YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia and official delegation, including the Director General of Malaysian Nuclear Agency at Government House, Victoria