Nuclear Malaysia has years of experience in conducting training courses especially for X-ray operators, radiographers and medical practitioners who provides diagnostic radiological examinations. Details on the training programs can be obtained from our training centre. Nuclear Malaysia also offers short-term scientific attachments especially for medical physicists, technical staffs and those working in related field. Our well-equipped laboratory, staffed by experienced personnel is very appropriate to acquire hands-on experience and to enhance one’s knowledge in this rapidly expanding field.

Our scientific attachment programmes can be designed to cover all activities as in the following or focus on specific area as required:

  • Standardization of radiation measurements in diagnostic radiology
  • Standardization of radioactivity measurements in nuclear medicine
  • Calibration of QC test tools used in diagnostic radiology
  • Calibration of Dose Calibrator used in nuclear medicine
  • Quality Control of X-ray equipment and facilities in diagnostic radiology
  • Integrity testing of an X-ray exposure room and protective barriers