Chronic Irradiation Services from the Gamma Greenhouse (GGH)

The Gamma Greenhouse (GGH) is a chronic irradiation facility located at MINT Tech-Park, Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia), Jalan Dengkil. The GGH is used for induction of mutation in plants and other biological samples with low dose radiation over period of time depending on the nature and sensitivity of the plant species.  The GGH consists of a circular green house with 15 m radius, a control room and an irradiator with an interlocking system. The irradiator produces low dose gamma radiation from Caesium-137 radioactive source. The biological samples can be exposed to low dose radiation in days, weeks, months and years. The current irradiation rate for GGH is 2.7 x 105 (5%) mR/h or 2.67 Gy/h at 1 m from the source. Presently, the GGH operates 20 hours daily for all year round.

At present the irradiation facility is utilised for chronic irradiation of tropical and subtropical plants and tissue culture materials. A database on radiosensitivity of various tropical plants in Malaysia is being developed. The Agency offers chronic irradiation service to interested users such as plant breeders and scientists from local institutions and abroad at a nominal fee.

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For technical information, please contact:
Mr. Ahsanulkhaliqin B Abdul Wahab
Gamma Greenhouse
Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia)
Bangi, 43000 Kajang
Phone: +603-8911 2000 ext 1652
E-mail: ahsanul[at]