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INIS 2017 Review

Learn about Our Past: New Publication on Preserving Cultural Artefacts Using Ionizing Radiation

The Ramses II mummy from Egypt, iconostases at Orthodox churches from Romania and ancient bronze statues from Croatia are the sort of cultural artefacts restored with the help of radiation technology. A new IAEA publication, Uses of Ionizing Radiation for Tangible Cultural Heritage Conservation, highlights the application of radiation technology for disinfection and restoration of cultural heritage objects and provides advice and tips to radiation technologist who intend to collaborate with art curators, restorers, historians and archaeologists on the use of this advanced technology.

The full article is available here

IAEA Helps Strengthen Member States' Capacity to Manage Nuclear Information


“Provision of information is part of the IAEA mandate, and imperative in ensuring safe, secure and peaceful applications of nuclear energy. INIS has played a leading role in organizing and making nuclear information accessible for the past 47 years” - Huang Wei, Director, IAEA Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management ________________________________________________

The full article is available here